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Family Support & Connections Program

Supporting the health and preservation of young families

Family Support & Connections Program is a free & voluntary parent mentoring program that partners young parents with a family advocate to help reduce family stress and lend support in growing the life you want to have.

The FS&C program includes assistance in gaining access to basic essentials, support in navigating complicated systems, education & economic support, along with opportunities for parents to increase their nurturing connection with their child!

Program Outline

The Young Roots Oregon (YRO) Family Support & Connections (FS&C) Program is in partnership with ODHS Self Sufficiency with the goal of supporting the health and preservation of young families; adolescent parents ages teen through 24 and their children.

A YRO Family Advocate will collaboratively support the parent on their journey of building resiliency, access to resources, and sense of belonging through meaningful relationships. Clients will be able to participate in three opportunities of increasing their primary protective factors:

  • Parent Mentoring
  • Early Learning Coaching
  • Housing Stability Program

FS&C Primary Protective Factors – Goal of increasing primary protective factors for adolescent families to prevent child abuse and neglect i.e. child welfare intervention:

  1. Family Functioning/Resiliency: Having adaptive skills and strategies to persevere in times of crisis.
  2. Social Support: Increased awareness of informal support (from family, friends, and neighbors) that helps provide for emotional needs.
  3. Concrete Support and Emergency Services: Increased awareness of access to tangible goods and services to help families cope with stress, particularly in times of crisis or intensified need.
  4. Child Development and Knowledge of Parenting: Understanding and utilizing effective child management techniques and having age-appropriate expectations for children’s abilities.
  5. Nurturing and Attachment: The emotional tie, along with a pattern of positive interaction between the parent and child, that develops over time.
  6. Problem Solving and Communication: Family’s ability to openly share positive and negative experiences and mobilize to accept, solve, and manage problems.

All opportunities are outlined as follows:

A. Parent Mentoring Outline:

  • 8 sessions with their Family Advocate in their primary language spanning over an ideally 3-month period; 4 sessions include 30-minute Early Learning Coaching (see below).
  • Sessions will be no more than 1.5 hours in length at a location of the client’s comfort; their home, a public space, or the YRO facility space supported by on-site childcare. Sessions will be strengths-based, client-led with Family Advocate and client working together to problem solve their personal and family needs, connecting clients with resources, and providing positive relational connection.
  • Stand By Me financial coaching provided by a certified peer; 4 – 1-hour sessions. Note: Financial coaching in Spanish is contracted through OCWCOG and Casa Latino Unidos.
  • Family Advocates are able to provide transportation in Linn and Benton counties.
  • Each client will be provided with $200 of financial support for essential needs (no cash).

B. Early Learning Coaching
The goals of Early Learning Coaching (ELC) are to empower young parents to build their confidence as a parent in engaging intentionally with their child through positive play while nurturing their child’s development and bond with one another. Other goals include empowering parents with the tool of the CDC Milestone’s program literature and resources to understand their child’s development, to be their child’s first advocate; helping parents to build confidence in having important conversations with their pediatrician and health care providers.

ELC is provided in English and Spanish languages. The coach will meet with the parent 4 times throughout the FS&C period providing three intentional play workshops for parent and child that are based on the child’s developmental stage and interests. The parent is given the activity tools to take home with them to replicate positive attention through play at home.

C. Housing Stability Program: Build Your Foundation, Secure Your Future
Empowering you to achieve lasting housing stability through 12 weeks of housing & financial education and direct support.

This comprehensive program equips you with the knowledge and resources to take control of your finances and secure safe, sustainable housing. After completing the program your family will have access to $4000 of Housing Stability funds.

Program Components: Note: content subjected towards client view

  • Rent Well Class (6 weeks): Learn your rights and responsibilities as a tenant, build your housing portfolio, and confidently navigate the rental landscape. Topics include:
    • Understanding landlord expectations and tenant rights
    • Communication and conflict resolution with landlords and community living
    • Maintaining a safe and healthy living environment
    • Preparing for and successfully completing a housing portfolio
  • Financial Foundation Class with DEV NW (4 weeks): Immerse yourself in a deeper understanding of personal finance with this extensive workshop facilitated by our trusted partner, DEV NW. You’ll gain insights into:
    • Debt management and reduction strategies
    • Building and maintaining good credit
    • Budgeting and expense tracking
    • Setting and achieving financial goals
    • Understanding financial products and services
    • Resources and tools for long-term financial wellbeing
  • One-on-One Financial Coaching (2 sessions): Receive personalized guidance and support from DEV NW financial coaches as you implement your financial plan and navigate specific challenges. This includes:
    • Tailoring your financial roadmap to your unique needs and goals
    • Addressing financial emergencies and unexpected obstacles
    • Identifying additional resources and support networks
    • Building confidence and accountability for successful financial management

Direct Housing Resources:

  • After completing the Rent Well class you will receive a Rent Well certificate that gives you access to the Rent Well Guarantee. This guarantee allows landlords to access incentives to rent to residents with Rent Well Certificates.
  • After completing the Rent Well and Financial Foundations classes you will collaborate with your financial coach and your housing navigator to make a plan to assist you in gaining economic and housing stability. You and your team will prepare an individual plan utilizing $4,000 of Young Roots Housing Stability funds to relieve financial stress and increase positive economic mobility so your family can have stable and secure housing. Your housing navigator will support you in connecting with community resources that help in areas of need so that your program funding goes as far as possible.

Young Roots Oregon is a contracted Family Support & Connections Program provider for the Oregon Department of Human Services Self Sufficiency Program.

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FS&C Program is in partnership with the Oregon Department of Human Services. For more information, their website and choose “Young Roots” as your preferred provider.

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