Young Roots Oregon is dedicated to creatively helping young families build healthy foundations

Respite Care

The purpose of Respite Care is to support the mental and emotional wellbeing of young parents and their children. As parents, we all need a break and an encouraging space to be restored and accomplish our goals.

Respite care provides childcare to the children of young parents. Developmentally nurturing childcare is provided by the KidRoots Children’s Program who are highly qualified and follow the State of Oregon Early Learning Division’s best practices.

Parents are mandated to stay on-site as KidRoots is not a licensed daycare. The Family Hub provides comfortable and private meeting spaces, social support, wifi, snacks and phone access for parents to rest and accomplish their goals.

Examples of how young parents can use their Respite Care time:

  • Education – education and credit recovery support for secondary and postsecondary achievement!
  • Access – make those calls, do that paperwork, and access resources that are hard to get done while caring for your children.
  • Self Care – relax and rest! Do something for yourself that you enjoy to recharge your parenting battery.

To access this resource, please give us a call at the Family Hub to make a reservation!

Phone: (541) 791-7462

This is not a walk in facility: We require reservations to provide security. Call the Family Hub to take a tour or make a reservation.

Respite Care hours: Mon and Wed 11am-6pm Tue-Thur 11 am-7:30 pm.

Note: Events modify later afternoon care hours. Staff will walk you through that when you call.

We’re located in Periwinkle Plaza at 1630 9th Street SE, Albany. We have the capacity to care for up to 18 children in an environment that is designed to nurture positive development and social connection!